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Is this the best surf school in Ericeira? Let's see.

Surf lessons for beginners and intermediates in the best surf spots.

Small groups for focused surf classes, fast improvement, more waves.

Experienced local surf teachers, for an amazing experience.

Last but not least: cool Billabong wetsuits and brand new surfboards, to step up your beach selfie game.

Check, check, check, check and, yes, and another big fat CHECK!

Ericeira surf school with cute surfer girls
Girl surfing in surf class in Ericeira


Don't worry, we all sucked at some point. Some of us still do.

This is why our surf school exists!

Whether it's your first time ever on a surfboard, or you need to improve your basic skills, this surf class is meant for you.

Unlike other surf schools, we keep the groups small enough so that the surf teacher can help you better and give you feedback.

Practice your take-off, stance, and selfie pose in all safety in the white wash or smaller green waves. 

And smile! It's all about having fun!


In this surf class the teacher will paddle with you to the peak and will help you get into your first real green waves.

Under his supervision, you'll practice your timing, your paddling, your pop-up and stance. In a word: surfing.

If you're cool enough, you could even start trimming up and down the wave face, try a maneuver, grab your rail and feel like Kelly Slater for a second. Then you'll fall, but it´ll be worth it.

Girl surfing in surf class in Ericeira
Surfer boy surfing wave in Ericeira


"Ericeira surf Mecca of Europe". Ever heard this?

In a stretch of just a couple of km of coast, Ericeira offers dozens of surf spots with different kinds of waves, sea bottoms, difficulty levels. 

It suits surfers of all levels, from beginners up to the pros, and you can surf here all year around.

Even if you don't need our surf classes, Sufer's Den Ericeira is the ideal home base for all of your surf adventures! 


Q: How much do your surf classes cost?

A: Prices change a bit during the season, it's better to ask us directly. What is always true is that our surf school offers a discounted price for Surfer's Den Ericeira guests, so it's always convenient to book through us!

Q: What's included in your surf lessons?

A: All of our surf lessons include:

  • Transportation to/from the beach and our surf house

  • Boards, wetsuits, boots (if needed)

  • A bit of theory, warm up, explanation of the spot

  • About 1h30 surf time (trust me, it's enough to get you tired AF)

  • Insurance, provided by the surf school

  • Sore muscles and happy faces at the end of the class!

You should just bring sunscreen, a towel, drinking water. Wear a comfy bikini or swimming trunks under the wetsuit. 

Q: Do I need to book the surf classes in advance? How can I do it?

A: No, it's not necessary. We have surf lessons every day, multiple times a day. Check our surf class schedule when you check-in, and let us know which surf lesson you would like to join, we just need to know one day in advance.

Q: I've never ever surfed one day in my life, is it ok? Am I gonna die?

A: Yes, it's ok! Our surf school can teach complete beginners too. We all were one, at some point. And no, nobody will let you die (under our supervision at least), it would be real pain in the ass for everyone.

Q: Can I keep the surfboard after the surf class? Like, if I wanna stay on the beach and practice some more?

A: Nope, sorry. I know in some places they do it, but no surf school in Ericeira does that. If you really aren't tired enough after your surf class you can still rent surf stuff from the Surfer's Den reception!

Q: I heard that Ericeira is not really good for beginners, is it true?

A: Of course not, in Ericeira there are plenty of surf spots with different levels of difficulty. Our surf school brings you to the best spot based on your level and on the specific conditions of that day.

Q: I heard Ericeira is quite rocky. Is surfing on a rocky sea bottom dangerous? I need my face intact for my Tik-Tok videos!

A: The truth is, it's NOT more dangerous than surfing on a sand bottom. Fact: rocky sea bottoms produce gentler waves than beach breaks. Ericeira has different surf spots, with both types of waves; our surf teachers will decided what's the best condition for that specific day and class based on a number of factors, not only the sea bottom! And remember: ultimately, none of us is interested in getting you hurt!

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