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Ericeira is home to our surf house, which is enough to make it the most awesome town in Portugal. But it's a lot more!

It's the only World Surf Reserve in Europe with its 7 world class waves.

A traditional Portuguese town, around which a vibrant community has been growing for years.

In Ericeira you can find all kinds of outdoor activities, traditional or modern food options, night life for all tastes, nature and more!

Cute girls watching sunset in Ericeira
Skater boy in skate bowl in Ericeira


All of you sport rats and healthy living enthusiasts will be thrilled with the options Ericeira has to offer.

Yoga studios (uncountable), skate bowls and surfskate parks, surf-focused open air or gym training classes, calisthenics free gyms. 

And more: paddle board or mountain bike tours, bike rentals, or simply plenty of trails for a jog or a sun salutation immerse in nature.

Oh, and everything is easily reachable from our surf house.


Ericeira offers live music and DJ sets multiple times a week, from sunset to late night (depends on you how late you can make it!).

Get to the town center to find all kinds of restaurant options to satisfy your cravings, then get lost in a labyrinth of streets and bars, crawling with people to share a drink and a dance with!

Luckily our surf house is in town too, so you don't have to risk to gift the local Police with your driving license!

Party with live music and people in Ericeira
Cute boy watching nature in Ericeira


Ericeira is a small fishermen village, surrounded by nature.

Our surf house is only 200m from the closest beach, where you can easily up your tan game and make everyone jealous back home.

The whole coast nearby offers beautiful trails along the cliffs, but if you'd rather explore the woods inland, there are some amazing paths, ideal for long walks or bike tours.

Just make sure you get back in time for a sunset beer with us!

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