What makes a learning experience better than the others?

We think it's the attention that the instructor gives to the individual student and the connection they build along the way.

This is why our classes are small and really tailored around the students' abilities.

the best surfer is the one having the most fun
the best surfer is the one having the most fun

At Surfer's Den we love to surf.

What we care about is having fun every single time get in the water, and this is the same thing that we wish for you.

Whatever your starting level, we will make sure that you have an awesome and rewarding surfing experience. 

A SURF CLASS FocusED on you

Very small groups and highly qualified instructors.

We chose our surf school partner because they have a different teaching method from the many others in Ericeira.

Each surf instructor takes a maximum of 6 people in the beginner and 4 in the intermediate levels: better focus means more fun!

a surf class focused on you

what's included
what's included

Free pick up from the and transfer to the best surfing spot

Wetsuit, surfboard and leash, boots if required by the spot; insurance

Qualified and certified surf instructors

Surfing theory and practice

About 1 and a half - 2 hours in the water,  depending on the conditions


Is it your first time surfing? Or maybe you've done it before, but feel a little rusty?

In this class you will learn or review the basics of surfing, first on the beach and then in the water.

You will practice catching white water waves with the help of an instructor.

Maximum 5 people per instructor means great focus and more fun!