you said i can get a discount?

- YASSS! 10% OFF even for 1-night stays!

I know, amazing!

- If for whatever reason you can't come, we will offer you a voucher equal to

the whole value of your reservation, valid until 31/12/2022!

That's next year!

- Because of this awesome promo, the reservation is not refundable in other ways, BUT:

- In case we have to cancel your reservation, we will fully refund you

- We ask 100% payment in advance instead of usual 50%

great! how can i get it?

- Click on "BOOK NOW", choose your dates, and apply the following promo codes before confirming your accommodation:

10off - it will allow you to book with 10% discount

- Click on "CONTACT US" and write us your request (you can also email us or whatsapp us); we will apply the discount

ok, it's too good. what's the catch?

Seriously? Come on, we're a legit business, not the mob!

You are buying yourself a guaranteed awesome surf holiday at an unbeatable price.

Worst case scenario: if you can't come now, you've already paid for next year. 

If for some weird reason we have to cancel (it has never happened so far), you get all of your money back.

It's a win-win.



- The discount applies on our standard rates for reservations made directly to us (website or email)

- Note that standard rates vary depending on the time of the year. Check our rates clicking on BOOK NOW or contact us!

- The discounts apply to our accommodation standard rates for 2021 only. Surf lessons and rentals are not included.

- If you cancel your reservation up until 24h before the day of your check-in, we'll give you a voucher of the same amount of your reservation, that you will be able to spend until the end of the next year
- If you cancel later (within the 24h before your check-in) we'll detract the first night from the amount you paid, and give you a voucher of the remaining amount, that you will be able to spend until the next year

- Re-scheduling of your reservation will depend on the availability of the date chosen. In order to reschedule, just contact us and we'll find the best solution together!